Scotland, England and Wales in A Predictable Way


Starting in Edinburgh, I eventually worked my way down to Wales, via Lindisfarne, York, Newcastle, Leeds and the Lake District. The UK is perhaps not known for adventure travels, but it makes up for the lack of unpredictability with history and pubs.

Besides, I added my own drama this time. Experiencing a toothache with pain on a level unimagined, I ended up with a root canal in Manchester. A miserable experience for sure but the Indian dentist provided an interesting distraction. Having served as a military dentist with the Gurkhas, decades ago, he kept me entertained during the time it took for the Novocaine to kick in.


Left, bagpipe maker. 


Left, Edinburgh Castle is a historic fortress.

My hotel between Edinburgh and Lindisfarne.

Lindisfarne, Northumbria

A tidal island off the northeast coast of England, Lindisfarne is also known as the Holy Island. You can only pass through the tidal basin certain times a day and of course, I had to almost get caught midway between terra firme and the island. Charming village and interesting history made for a great day out.

Staying like royalty in this country house close to Leeds. As most others of this kind, weddings seem to keep them afloat financially. My room was accessed by the hidden door in the bookcase.

Ambleside, Lake District

Hikes are great in this area, especially if you map them to local pubs. The main towns tend to be full of weekenders but there’s plenty of places to enjoy a pint in peace or go for a quiet stroll.



Snowdonia National Park, Wales

I took the Miners Track to the summit but was very nearly blown off the mountain. Snowdonia is a very popular destination and the trails are relatively crowded towards the top as many trails converge as you get closer to the summit.


IMG_3611One of my favorite pubs/inns in the area, Victoria Inn in Llanbedr.

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