Lamanai, Belize


A short but spectacular trip to a large and significant Mesoamerican archeological site. Once a major city of the Maya civilization, the temple complex is located in the north of Belize, about 2.5 hours from Belize City by bus and river boat.

Lamanai, meaning “submerged crocodile” in Mayan, was occupied for almost three millennia. Apparently, the site was inhabited right up through the Spanish conquest and the British colonial period. Today, the site is still only partly excavated and compared to similar historical attractions, relatively undeveloped. Due to the logistics of getting here, you have to come in a guided group. But you can wander off on your own and join in as you please. Or at least, that is what I did…






DSC01810Adding to the ambiance, a group of howler monkeys in the canopy above. 

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